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Useful Tools & Hardware

Complete your job on schedule with useful tools and hardware from Tozier Bros in Shelton, Washington. We offer high-quality power tools, hand tools, fasteners, and heavy hardware. Whether you're a contractor starting a major construction project or a homeowner doing a bit of DIY, you'll find everything you need at Tozier Bros. We also carry plumbing and electrical supplies from the industry's top companies. If you need help finding anything, just ask a member of our sales staff.


Find the right tool for the job at Tozier Bros. We carry a full line of Crafstman™ hand tools and an excellent selection of power tools from top manufacturers. From eight ounce hammers to 20 pound sledges, we've got it all. Our brands include:

• Craftsman™
• Makita™
• Milwaukee™
• Forney Welding™
• Knipex™
• Crescent™


Good hardware is essential to every successful construction project. At Tozier Bros, we carry everything from heavy industrial hardware to individual hinges. Our hardware section includes more than 2,000 items and more than 10,000 nuts, bolts, and fasteners in all sizes. All our fasteners are sold in bulk, so you can save money by buying the quantity you need for your project. We also sell:

• Door Hinges
• Lock Sets
• Chain
• Rope
• Blinds